#1 Choose A Facility

View all of our Hashmax facilities and go through each of their characteristics carefully to decide which facility you would like to locate your miners. Hashmax offers variety of facilities from most cost-efficient to luxury facilities.

If you would like to inspect on the facilities in person, you are always welcome. Please make an inquiry for a reservation to 

#2 Place An Order

Click on ‘Mine Now’ and start filling out the order form. For the facility, choose the facility you have decided to locate your miners. For the miners, choose the ones that suit your desire.

Our miners are cheaper than the official manufacture company. Also, with our partnership with authorized repairing centers (Bitmain), we guarantee the hashrate for second handed miners.

#3 Pay & Start Mining

Upon completion of the order form, pay the order with any types of payment method Hashmax provides. Once the payment has been received, your miners will be running within 7 working days at your chosen facility.

For the orders, we charge the miners fee and 1-month electricity fee deposit in advance to pay to our power plants. If you would like to send your own miners to the facility, contact us.