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Why don’ t you mine by yourself with the miners you have?

HashMax is not only a cryptocurrency mining service provider but also a ‘miner’ just like you. We do mine ourselves with our own miners currently mining with more than 3000 units. The miners that are for sale through HashMax and Hashcube are solely prepared or being prepared for our customers.

How can I start mining with HashMax?

  1. Go through all of our HashMax facilities carefully to decide which facility you would like to locate your miners.
  2. Click on ‘Mine Now’ and start choosing the mining machines that suit your desire, and then the facility which you decide to locate your miners.
  3. Finish the order form and pay the miners’ fee and facility deposit.
  4. Once the payment has been received, your miners (spot order) will be run within 5 working days at your chosen facility and the miners of future batches will be run within 24 hours after we receive them.

For more information, please refer to our ‘Get Started’ page.

What is the minimum quantity of purchases?

We do not set any limit on the quantity of purchases. But there will be a special deal for bulk purchase.

Is there a shipping fee?

Yes. For miners not stored in our facilities, we need to ship them out to the facility that you choose and you need to pay for the transportation.

Do I prepay the hosting fee?

Yes. You need to prepay one-month hosting fee as facility deposit, which will be refunded to you after our contract ends or be used to pay off the last month of the contract term.

Is there a mining agreement to sign?

Yes. Though orders are processed online, there is a bilateral contract that needs to be signed. Our hosting contract is for 1 year. After 1 year, you will have three options: (1) renew the contract; (2) stop the hosting and resell your miners; (3) stop the hosting and ship out your miners to a different location of your choice. For more information about the mining agreement, please refer to our ‘Contract’ page: https://hashmax.org/contract/

Is there a team inspecting the miners at all times?

Yes. Our professional tech team are ready and standby 24/7 including national holidays to take care of the miners.

What happens if my machines breakdown or slow?

If your miners breakdown or defect, our tech teams will try to repair without any cost to make sure the miners can be back to normal condition. However, if the miners are still unstable/broken/low hash rate, our tech teams will notify you with quotation to ask whether to proceed with repair through a manufacture official repairing center.

What are the factors affecting how fast Bitcoin is being mined?

Big factor is difficulty which is a measure of how difficult it is to find a hash below a given target. Mining is a competitive market hence if Bitcoin network hash rate increases, mining difficulty increases as well. Difficulty is often adjusted every 14 ~ 16 days and increase is difficulty is often caused by increase in Bitcoin price.

When do I receive my payout?

100% of the mining rewards go straight into your wallet every day.

How do I request to have my machines turned off?

Please contact us at support@hashmax.org

What are the benefits of mining with HashMax?

  1. One click solution: select the miner and facility online through our ‘Mine Now’ page.
  2. Low-priced electricity: Our China-based facilities give us access to some of the lowest electricity prices in China, which enables us to offer hosting solutions at affordable prices.
  3. Our competitive all-in hosting price with no hidden fee: our hosting price is fixed before the contract ends which includes almost everything required for profitable mining (electricity, maintenance, cooling, Ethernet, labour, security and basic repair); there is no import tax, installation and removing fee.
  4. 95% of online rate can be guaranteed to maximize your profits.
  5. You receive 100% of the Bitcoins mined every day.
  6. You can view real-time information about your miners through our dashboard.
  7. You take 100% of the ownership of the miners purchased from us.

For more information, please go through our ‘About HashMax’ page.

Can I inspect on the facilities before placing order?

Yes. In order to inspect on the facilities please contact us by email sales@hashmax.org and we will arrange airport pick-up and staffs if needed. However, a minimum order of 50 units has to be promised and contract has to be signed.

Can I host miners with you that I already own?

Yes. We do not set any limit on the quantity of miners that you decide to run with us. Just inform us what models and how many miners you are going to host with us and which facility to locate your miner at email: sales@hashmax.org

Is there a setup fee?

We do not charge any setup fees if customers purchase miners from us. However, if customers buy their miners through other suppliers and send to us for hosting, there will be a setup fee which is 10 CNY (1.5 USD) per unit.

What happens if I delay paying the monthly hosting fee?

It is clearly stated in our contract that payment made after the due date will be considered as delayed and you will be responsible for the delayed charges. Additionally, we will stop running your miners after the due date if we still do not receive your payment.

What payments options do you accept?

We currently accept Bitcoin payments and Bank Wire payments in USD and THB.

What is dashboard used for?

We provide each of customers with a dashboard account and a random password, with which they can log in to the dashboard and have full access to information about their miners in real-time such as miner activity, BTC hash rates, the signed contract and the upcoming monthly electricity bill.

What happens if machines stop mining due to hoster issues?

If your miners are temporarily turned off due to HashMax issue, we will deduct exact amount of hours/days from your upcoming invoice. To know more about HashMax damage compensation, please refer to our ‘Contract’ page: https://hashmax.org/contract/

What happens if Bitcoin prices crashes, making mining unprofitable?

You may request to turn off your miners then HashMax will turn off the miners and will give 10 days for you to decide whether to continue mining or move out the miners. After 10 days, if you have not decided and if you are waiting for the market to recover, HashMax will charge spot fee. If you have decided to move out, you will have to forfeit your deposit. However, HashMax understands that cryptocurrency is a volatile market hence we could be flexible to allow you to stop hosting with HashMax upon your request or bring down the electricity/hosting fee.