Company History
The HashMax team has been involved in a mining business since 2014. We've been constantly exploring the crypto market, and we want to share our knowledge with you.
Early Stage (2014—2016)

2014 Q2 - Q4

Founded in Seoul as a cryptocurrency mining company in South Korea by 3 crypto enthusiasts, including the CEO, Young Ho Kim. Started with testimonial mining in South Korea with the first generation of ASIC miner.

2015 - 2016

Expanded mining with newer generations of miners, owning 0.1% total global Hashrate

Hashcube Facility.

Expansion Stage (2017—2018)

2017 Q1- Q2

China expansion plan executed with an investment of over 2 million USD.

2017 Q3 - 2018 Q3

Further exploration of opportunities in the Pacific Asia region.

2018 Q4

Launched the first platform that combines cloud mining and hosting service and named it HashMax.

2019 Q1-Q3

Over 2000 miners for customers deployed in the HashMax new facility.

Development Stage (2019-2020)

2019 Q4 - 2020 Q1

HashMax was moved to China and was developed into a one-click solution for easier access to mining.

2020 Q2 - Q3

HashMax saw the necessity to lower the investment risk and burden for customers as Halving happened and upgraded services by providing miner loan service.

2020 Q4

Driven by customers’ needs for a simpler mining approach and more comprehensive investment tool, HashMax launched a customized cloud mining service together with the very first crypto fund product– CryptoMax, which is a mutual fund that aims to maximize customers’ investment profit.

Press Release
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Leading Bitcoin mining company Hashcube joins hands with Thai crypto company Organize teaching courses for Thai people

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Hashcube Company Limited (Hashcube) held the Asia Crypto Investment Forum (ACIF), the largest Asian digital asset seminar at Intercon Hotel, Bangkok…