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Ethereum Hashrate Taps an All-Time High Amid This Week’s Crypto Market Meltdown

Amid the crazy week in the world of cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin network’s mining difficulty reaching a lifetime high at 31.25 trillion, Ethereum’s hashrate tapped an all-time high on May 13, at block height 14,770,231. Cryptocurrency miners continue to dedicate large quantities of processing power toward the second-largest crypto network in terms of market capitalization. […]

3 Stablecoins Command Positions in the Crypto Economy’s Top 10, Another Fiat-Pegged Token Is Close to Joining

The last five weeks has been brutal for digital currencies as more than 21% has been shaved off the crypto economy’s fiat value since March 27. While all the crypto assets combined shed roughly 0.8% in the last 24 hours, bitcoin has lost 9.4% since last week and seven day statistics show ethereum has dropped […]

Bitcoin Miners Reach the Halfway Point to the Next Block Reward Halving

On May 5, 2022, at block height 735,000, the bitcoin mining pool Poolin mined the 105,000th block reward since the last halving. The mined block also represents the halfway point to the next halving that is estimated to take place on or around April 27, 2024. Block 735,000 follows the network issuing over 19 million […]

Fintech Study Estimates 4.4 Billion Global Users Will Adopt Mobile Wallets by 2024

According to a recently published study by Merchant Machine, mobile wallets are predicted to have 4.4 billion users by 2024. Merchant Machine’s findings show the global pandemic propelled the popularity of digital wallets and researchers expect the numbers to grow from 44.50% of the population in 2020 to 51.70% by 2024. Half the World’s Population […]

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits a Lifetime High After a 5.56% Increase, Metric Nears 30 Trillion

Bitcoin Hashpower

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty reached a lifetime high on April 27, at block height 733,824, after jumping 5.56% higher than two weeks ago. The difficulty jump further indicates that Bitcoin’s difficulty is also nearing 30 trillion, as the change on Wednesday shows the current difficulty is 29.79 trillion. It Is Now the Most Difficult Time in […]

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Surges Reaching a Lifetime High, Difficulty Expected to Jump Next Week

Bitcoin’s hashrate tapped a lifetime high this weekend reaching 271.19 exahash per second (EH/s) on Saturday, April 23 at block height 733,197. Currently, the computational power is coasting along at 233.81 EH/s with a network difficulty change expected three days from now on April 27. Bitcoin’s Hashrate Records an All-Time High, Hashpower Increased 55% Higher […]

Doge Day Then and Now: Lackluster Buzz as Dogecoin’s Price Is 65% Lower Than Last Year


While April 20 or 420 is synonymous with cannabis culture, the day is also considered “Doge Day,” by a great number of dogecoin supporters. The day prior on Twitter, the Doge network’s co-founder Billy Markus asked what people should expect on Doge Day and for dogecoin’s price action. 12 months ago dogecoin was swapping hands […]

Number of Addresses Holding BTC Taps 40 Million, Non-Zero Bitcoin Address Metric Grew 92% Since 2018

While bitcoin has risen in value in recent times, jumping 8% during the last seven days, statistics show that the number of addresses holding bitcoin has surpassed 40 million addresses. Metrics from the analytics web portal show addresses that hold any fraction of bitcoin tapped a 30-day high on March 24, reaching 40.25 million […]

Research Shows 19% of Bitcoin’s Hashrate Is Managed by Publicly Listed Companies

According to findings stemming from a report published by Arcane Research, Bitcoin’s hashrate is steadily going public as an increasing share is deployed by publicly listed companies. Current data shows that the publicly listed miners’ share of Bitcoin’s hashrate is roughly 19% today, up 3% since January 2021. Publicly Listed Bitcoin Miners Continue to Grow, […]

Luna Foundation Bitcoin Wallet Nears Tesla’s Stash, BTC Address Is the 29th Largest Wallet Today

On March 26, the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) held 24,954.95 bitcoin and during the last five days, LFG’s bitcoin wallet accumulated 5,773.02 bitcoin. At the time of writing, LFG’s wallet now holds 30,727.97 bitcoin worth more than $1.4 billion using today’s exchange rates. In a relatively short period of time, LFG’s bitcoin wallet is up […]